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June 14, 2018


Time to celebrate a special breed of dad: The soccer dad.


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Thank's Dave. Well done.

That was beautiful, Dave. Nice one.

And I can't believe Sophie is 18! Man, tempus fugit.

Beautiful story; thanks for sharing it.

I too can't believe Sophie is 18. Now I really feel like an old fart.

Great column. Having been a soccer dad, it was familiar ground. Having been a referee, I also know the parents don't (or didn't then) know the rules.
And I can't believe Sophie is that old. A beautiful young woman.

Thanks Dave, from a now retired soccer dad.

And happy Father's Day!

Awww. ;-)

Dusty in here.

James Lileks has been writing bit aout his 18 year old heading to Brazil for a year...

What a great story! I also can't believe that Sophie is now 18 years old. It seems like it was just yesterday when Rob was a little boy getting rides in the Weinermobile. They all grow up too fast.


Fun article, Dave. And I'm sure when the time comes, Sophie will thank you for not letting her date until 2040 rolls around. It'll be here before she knows it.

Dave, now I know why you wrote You Can Date Boys When You're Forty. She's certainly changed since her "Have Joy" days!

Laughed. Great story.

Dave's still got it!

I've always suspected this was a source of inspiration for Dave's book "Lunatics"!

Great article, Dave. Both my kids played soccer; it all rings true. I miss those days.

The camaraderie and kinship one feels with other parents who volunteer or regularly show up to support a kid's activity is special and it is bittersweet
when it ends.
Very well expressed, Dave. I love the photo of you with Sophie.

When did Sophie grow up to be so beautiful? I must have missed 10 or more years somewhere.

Thanks Dave - great article -- I admit I welled up a bit and I don't even have kids.

That was wonderful, Mr. Barry. This soccer dad loved it.

As the father of a 18 year old young woman, I can relate. Not to the soccer, mine was into music and theater. But the feels are the same.

Band camp has a similar tent, FYI.

Happy Fathers' Day, Dave!

And wishes also for a great day for Sophie and family!

I was getting ready to run in to a video gig when I saw two young me struggling with a pop up tent. I like to think that helping prevent loss of fingers will be a long term result.

My youngest came back from playing soccer with friends that included his travel buddies. I miss the days, the rain, the sweat drenched kid befouling the back seat.

Good days.

The boys are on track to be tomorrow’s engineers, pharmacists, auditors. I think the future is in good hands.

Teared up a bit over here. My children are 17 and 15, and the "last games" are quickly approaching. My heart is a bit heavy when I think about it. Maybe I'll feel better if we shoot the tent...

Oh to have a Dad like Dave. Beautiful.

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