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June 24, 2018


Seriously, ew.

(Thanks to MOTW, Fabian Marson and John W)


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*SMACKS* MOTW, Fabian Marson, and John W for sending this in. Blech! If I had a blob moving around on my face I'd be burning up the 911 line for help.

"After removal of the worm, the patient had a full recovery"

Sure, but what about the poor worm?

Some people nowadays give insanity a chance to bloom.

They get "beauty enhancing" Botox bee-stung lips, enhanced puffy eyebrows and such.
I expect now we will see nematode injection salons to open advertising auto-shifting facial enhancements: "A new look as the worms turn."

Paul Simon's original draft wasn't quite what he wanted:

They gives us those bumpy eyebrows
They give us lopsided fat lips
One look will make all the world just run away
I got a parasite now
Stop taking my damn photograph
Please Mama just take my nematode away.

I remember reading somewhere that most humans (even in US) get worms at some time. I think pin worms are the one most common over here. That has been your inspirational thought for the day. No charge.

Applauds PG-13 Wodehouse!

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