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June 24, 2018


A flamethrower drone.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Me want!

That would have come in so handy Friday night/Saturday morning, when two morons arrived home from their night out at 5 am and decided to carry on a loud conversation across the street.

The Christmas Gift Guide came early this year.

Jeff, I told you I was sorry!
I'd love to have one of these. Last fall some idiot threw a pair of tennis shoes over a power line that goes into my neighborhood. They're still hanging there and I'd love to be able to zap them away.

Cindy, there are areas of New York where kids do that at the end of the school year. Sometimes there might be ten pairs of sneakers hanging there. This would come in handy.

Man, a guy could have a ball chasing squirrels with that baby.

NurseCindy: I can practically guarantee that if you purchased an FFD (Flame Thrower Drone) for us, Jeff and I would gladly show up at your house and burn up all those pesky tennis shows. As for the rest of your block, we'd have to call that "collateral damage".

You do have fire insurance, right?

I never would deploy such a thing. Well, not unless I practiced with it extensively first, at least an hour. Although I feel in my bones a certain knack for controlling this device.

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