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June 15, 2018


Who stuck a squirrel under Lydia’s dress?

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Hallow Headed Lydia WBAGNFARB.

Shades of the Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

Cue the Marx Brothers rendition of "Oh Lydia"!

You can take the squirrel out of Lydia, but you can't take Lydia out of the squirrel.

Wait, what?

"Her bum is solid and her head is hollow." I think I might have dated Lydia.

I bet it was the same guy who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong.

Or the underwear in Mrs. Murphy's chowder.

“We had it tilted sideways and I looked up her dress,” said Easton, who hastily added, “properly.”

So — how exactly is that done properly? Asking for a friend...

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