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June 12, 2018


A lawyer for a New Jersey superintendent accused of defecating daily on a high school football field asked prosecutors to hand over their full surveillance video of the 42-year-old allegedly doing the deed.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Adams, "your honor the surveillance video shows my client squatting, and who has not squatted once or twice in their lifetime, but there is nothing coming from his ass landing between his feet on the ground on that video, I mean come on unless you have more definitive video of my client's poop than that..."

The superintendent plans to call Mister Hankey as a character witness.

Some poor legal aid is going to have a very crappy day.

Johnny Cochran would say "If he didn't take the shit, you must acquit."

*snork* chet.

What was really disgusting was, the guy wasn't even sh!tting in his own damn school district! He'd drive miles away and dump his load on someone else's field.

Next episode of Loo and Order. Or is it Poo and Order.

Heard today that he was suspended for a year but still paid $147,000.00.
That just gives him more free time to drive around and poop.

Be true to your school

"Doing the deed" used to mean something else.

What's up with all these people running around doing #2 in public now? Has Pfizer stopped making Lomotil? Everybody needs to put a cork in it, iykwim.

more Johnny Cochran closing arguments:

"If he didn't drop the deuce, you must acquit him like the Juice!"


"If you think he took the dump, you must be a chump!"

It's gonna leak.

still more Johnny Cochran:

"If that's not his turd, he should be set free as a bird!"

"If he didn't take the crap, you must let him beat the rap!

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