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June 26, 2018


Hunger for a pie drove drunk man to smash ATM when it ate his card, court hears

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Hayden Caskey ==>
Yacked hyenas
Say hackneyed
Nay key cashed
Hey ya snacked?
Ye yanked cash

IMO, this was inevitable.

I feel his pain.

Shoddy journalism. What kind of pie was it?

CHICKEN pie, ye dolt!

*SMACKS* Mrs. McCreedy. I cannot be expected to read everything. I would totally do this for a piece of my mincemeat pie.

Humble Pie. Their opening act was The Electric Prunes.

Pie hunger is a serious medical condition.
Check with Doctor McCreedy and Nurse Cindy to see if ATM therapy would be right for you.

It was a hunger strike.

nursecindy, here

I have never attacked an ATM before, but if one got between me and a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it could suffer a hard whack from my cane.

So, I guess you might say, in two ways, he was looking for "DOUGH"!

Good night!

Could his fine be $314.16?

It would be a bit unnerving to have an "earthquake" tab in your online newspaper as they do there in New Zealand. It sure is pretty there though!

LePet: Agree 100%

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