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June 16, 2018


A 12-year-old child from Canada recently called 911 twice after being served a salad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Children need to learn that you only call 911 in case of genuine emergencies, such as being served brussel sprouts or having to kiss Great-Aunt Mary at Thanksgiving when she's absolutely reeking of Cashmere Bouquet.

If there was any kale in that salad, the child was simply acting out of self defense and crying out for help.

If there was kale in there, then the call was legit.

What Le Petomane and Bill aid. I'm with the kid too.

I agree with K on this one. My mom once served brussel sprouts twice in one week. I still think that's child abuse.

Wait'll the kid is told to clean his room. He'll be calling out the Canadian Army.

If I did that my mom would also serve me a swift kick in the butt.

He's poutine his own interests first.

I'm still not convinced that the first person to declare leaves "edible" was correct.

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