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June 22, 2018


Couples who eat a lot of seafood may have sex more often and get pregnant more quickly than those who shun the shellfish and sardines, a U.S. study suggests.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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She shuns shellfish by the sheshore?

Waiting for McDonald's new "I'm Lovin' It" ad campaign for the Filet-O-Fish.

Are they talking about us Catholics? I knew that fish on Friday was a bad idea.

I'd like a carp with my foreplay.

"All fish are not equal"..."

As those Starkist commercials tell us, even Charlie the Tuna found out the hard way.

On the other hand, I hear he fathered a whole school....

I suggest Eelectric Eel to ad spark to your sex life.

I would still be nervous flying on an airliner knowing the entire cabin crew had fish for dinner.

I'm not interested in getting anyone pregnant. I'm just in it for the halibut.

Something is not kosher in that story

Look, babe – that's a moray!

Does this mean men will start "trolling" even more ?

Trying to come up with a good fish pun, but I keep thinking about hooking.

Funding for this research grant was provided by
Red Lobster and Long John Silver's.

You think that's something; just wait 'til they eat sperm whale.

Smells fishy.

Why ask if shad do it,
Waiter, bring me shad roe.

* snork * at LePetomane...

Let me get this straight — those who aren't trying to have kids are not shellfish, while the couples who are trying to have kids are the shellfish ones.

Probably using the fishonary position.

Then why are there only 4 million Norwegians?

@FredKey - Maybe because the Norwegian Wood really isn't all that good?

Nurse Cindy: Did your patents have liver, or crabs?

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