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June 19, 2018


Woman wearing only a towel steals car and dog from Georgia family

(Thanks to James Flynn, who says "Obviously headed to Florida.")


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There are two things you don't mess with in Georgia. Somebody's mama and their dog.

How did he figure out that she was wearing nothing except a bath towel? What colour was the towel? How can we identify the culprit if we don't know the colour of the towel?

She had probably just left a shower and was making a clean escape.

BOLO? I'm always on the lookout for women only wearing a bath towel.

Thieves should never terry at the scene of the crime.

I don't cotton to no stinkin' thieving.

What N. N. said. How does he know what she had on under the towel?

That doggone lady thief should just throw in the towel.

Soon to be a hit country/western song, although they'll need to change the car to a rusty old pickup truck.

Check her driver's license.

Her name will probably be

Crystal Meth

I bet the towel was also stolen.

Halt! Let The dog go and drop the towel! (Just imagining the arresting officers confronting the heinous malefactor.)

Sounds like a coverup.

@rintingle. - Be careful what you wish for. It’s always the ones you don’t want to see naked....

Based on the custom monogram, Investigators are searching for individuals with the last name "Ramada"...

@Six. - Movie "Hot Shots" had a beautiful girl named Ramada.

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