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June 24, 2018


How party dips can give you Norovirus and even HERPES

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Do some journalists get up every morning trying to think of ways to scare us? I make a dip so good you won't care about any pesky viruses. Besides, that's why God made antiviral medications like Zovirax.

There is a universal antidote to cleanse dips. It's called BEER!

So, just don't invite those "party dips"!

Oh, we're talking FOOD dips, not people, I see.

(Nursecindy, I think the answer is yes, they do. These are not real journalists but the kind that write fake or faux (hint hint) news.

I'm a little concerned about the table manners of the people being studied -- exactly how does their saliva get back into the dip? I personally do not drool over the bowl. Stick to salsa -- capsicum (aka chili peppers) has natural antibiotic properties, and the hotter the chili, the better!

@NN - double dipping, see the Seinfeld episode.

"I give you my herpes."

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