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June 28, 2018


Police: Man's 'upskirt' shoe camera explodes, hurts his foot

(Thanks to Alan Dean and Tom Shroder)


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I wanted to send this in -- a boo boo on his foot may be the least of his worries

The cops wanted to charge the man for causing a kerfuffle, but they weren't sure what that meant and just let him limp away.

Did hizums widdle footie get a boo boo while he was being a widdle pervert? This tetanus shot is going to hurt a whole lot more.

Did paramedics have to remove the shoe or the foot?

What a heel!

Agent 86 is ashamed of you, sir.

nursecindy, are you selling tickets?

I bet any shots went in the guy's arse, whether they needed to or not.

Tickets will be available soon.
One year I was giving flu shots for a local manufacturer. Two men brought one of their coworkers into my office for his flu shot. He was scared to death. I turned around to draw up the shot and when I turned back around he was standing there with his pants around his ankles. I walked over and put it in his arm. He asked me why I'd done that and I told him I was getting ready to ask him the same thing. Of course his coworkers hit the floor laughing. Why are men so mean to each other?

"What has been seen cannot be unseen"... unless what is seen causes one's camera to explode. o.O

Too bad he didn't put his foot in his mouth first. We Cheeseheads can't even perv correctly!

Separated at birth?

This guy and the guy who put the firecrackers in his car truck, lit them then slammed to top down.

When I read the words "man's upskirt," I thought that this was something that Judi had found about a Scotsman...

Incidentally, before anyone asks, both my feet are in perfect health.

It's a sad and lonely perversion. How many women wear skirts any more?

The suspect was in stable condition at a local hospital after being treated for a peekabooboo.

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