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June 26, 2018


All aboard the torture ship… the world’s biggest bondage and fetish boat orgy where hundreds of leather lovers romp the night away

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and John Lobert)


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This puts a whole new slant on worrying about catching something on a sea cruise.


When I'm in the mood for a torturous journey, United Airlines is kinky enough for me, but perhaps the Marquis would like to weigh in.

A rotavirus could run rampant on that cruise.

The "dark room" has been banned? So it's unlikely anything will develop.

Love, exciting and new!
Come Aboard. We're expecting you!
The Loooove Boat!.....YES! YES! DON'T STOP!!
Too much bondage. Too much bondage. Not enough discipline!

Snork at fractalist!

Watch out for Butt Pirates!

Musical entertainment will be provide by, wait for it ...

The Captain and to kneel.

A true bondage devotee would be too tied up to catch the boat.

They should surprise the customers, and the ship would be a galley. They would be chained to the oars, have leather whips, and so on, like Charlton Heston in "Ben Hur".

Bravo Burt Macklin, FBI.
Qaz has obviously given this a lot of thought.

Qaz--To make it a truly authentic torture galley experience, instead of drums the chained passengers would have to pull the oars in time to loudly played Manilows' "Copacbana." Nonstop for the entire cruise.

This so goes against the Pirate Code!

It also doesn't float my boat.

My safe word is "ouch".

...With Fred Grandy as Gopher, your Yeoman Purser... If you would prefer to NOT have your Yeoman pursed, please say so...

Two years before the mast?

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