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June 27, 2018


Hi Dave, I noticed your site has published a very interesting article,Dave Barry's Blog: NO MORE PLANT NOOGIES. I think a collaboration could be of interest to your audience. I represent a digital marketing agency currently working with growing environmental agency...


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WTFBBQ is this guy smoking, because it sounds like serious hallucinogens. I'll try some, dude.

Well I'm interested.

Coming soon! Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Emails.
I'd buy it.

I'll trade you two F**C buddy's and an OkCupid for your one Collaboration.

I can't seem to locate this very interesting article.

It's from 10 years ago.

Thanks wiredog.

They really went into the bowels of the blog to pull that one out.

Bowels of the Blog WBAGNFARB.

"Bowels of the Blog" would NOT, however, be a good name for a restaurant or fast food place.

I'll put you in touch with my cat. He handles all this stuff for me.

I'm offended.

And to think Dave wasted his time collaborating with Ridley Pearson and Alan Zweibel instead.

PLANT NOOGIES.....wasn't that kid FROM HUFFLEPUFF ( whose parents were murdered) in charge of these ?

Sorry, there were no results returned for “no more plant noogies” — please check your spelling, or try something less specific.

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