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June 24, 2018


Pittsfield child porn suspect claims he's sovereign member of 'private society,' PanTerra D'Oro, in apparent bid to evade prosecution

(Thanks to Laurie Ann)


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How much tin foil are you required to purchase in order to become a member of this "secret society"?

Disclaimer: I live in this same part of the county as this guy. We see these types, daily. Usually in line at Wal Mart.

I'd love to be able to see him explaining this to his cellmate in prison. Lock him up and throw away the key!
PirateBoy I have a feeling Walmart in that area has a hard time keeping the tin foil shelf stocked.

I wonder, does his Walmart stock tar & feathers?

Roswell, New Mexico is generally considered the city that sells the most tinfoil. The aliens who live down the street from Geezer Acres claim tinfoil hats only make people easier to track--or whatever. They also say the PanTerra D'Oro folks are completely nuts. The jury is still out on Pastafarians.

Le Pet: Did you purchase the plane in Roswell that was once owned by Elvis? Sure, the engines and most of the controls are missing, but still, such a deal, provided someone cleans the shag carpeting....

{Snicker}, he said "shag".

@PirateBoy--No, but someone did buy it. Last I heard they were going to restore and resell it. Here in Geezer Acres we really didn't have a place to keep it anyway.

Not to be confused with the Panera Bread Society, a group of devoted fans of the bread/pastry chain.

Pan Terra d'Oro seems to run its own "university", which exists entirely on YouTube.

Pan Terra d'Oro sounds like a luxury apartment complex...although this guy is likely going to end up in a 2-bedroom efficiency at the Graybar Estates.

So, he's an illegal alien?

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