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May 30, 2018


Is this the world’s biggest cornflake?

 (Thanks to John Lobert)


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Yep, that is one big flake. That chip he's holding is also rather large.


But it might win the bronze medal behind Richard Simmons and Barry Manilow.

Then again, perhaps some plaster has fallen from the ceiling.

Slow day in the news room. Hint: floor sweepings

Isn't the World's Biggest Cornflake waiting for Mummy to die so he and Camilla can play at being King and Queen?

"Biggest flake" has to involve a Kardashian.

Everyone take a breath; it's just a large, mutant cornflake. If it were in Australia, there would be casualties.

Floor sweepings at the factory. Kinda like the legendary 'secret ingredient' in Tater Tots.

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