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May 15, 2018


Eagle drops debris, Juneau residents lose power

(Thanks to B'game, who says "Now the bastards have their own air force!")


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"Debris"--ha! The eagle almost certainly dropped a volunteer sugar glider, who are the airborne shock troops of the squirrels.

Notify Homeland Security about ill eagle activity. The bird may have been a Russian agent, since you can see Russia from there, and they probably want Alaska back.

Reminds me of my favorite power outage article from the Anchorage Daily News-

Massive Power Outage Caused by Raven, Now Deceased

And underneath was a photo of a fried raven, tongue hanging out of its mouth.

The eagle needs more training. If it had dropped a big fish and blew up that transformer, the power company would still be trying to figure that one out.

Eagle Drops Debris was big in the early '90s of the Seattle grunge scene.

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