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May 02, 2018


States ranked by beer consumption.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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No, they're #5.

Be honest, what else is there to do in New Hampshire? Climb Mount Washington? I'd rather drink.

Be fair, we have to drink all our brandy first before we get to the beer chasers.

Jeff Meyerson: We're about to have our exciting annual Black Fly and mosquito swatting extravaganza here in NH, having just finished the ever-popular mud season when my road is an amusement ride. Then comes summer tourist season – that's when most of the beer is sold, either to the invaders, or to the locals who need a way of coping with them. Then fall, time for the wild blueberry weighing contests at the harvest fairs. Then wintah, of course, when you need beer for ice fishing; it's great bait. Offer it to a fisherman and it gets you a fish.

Define Beer. Because in some locales, Coors and Bud don't count.

major snork @ Ralph

Flathead County made Montana #2! We'll try to improve.

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