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May 24, 2018


Floridians Sue McDonald's Because They Had to Pick the Cheese Off Their Quarter Pounders

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Has it come to this?

We need to start worrying about what kind of world we are going to leave for Keith Richards.

Since nursecindy is probably not awake yet, let me channel her response:


They "suffered injury"? How about ordering something else? Or eating elsewhere?

Who is worse, this duo or the lawyer who took the case?


I actually know one Sue McDonald! And one Holly Wood (she is a friend of mine, her parents had a great sense of humor).

I went to undergrad with a biology major named Laurel Ann Hardy. The kids today don't get that cruelty inflicted by her parents.

Ya know, you can order it without cheese. Oh, and definitely, the lawyer is far worse waste of air.

Names inflicted by well meaning parents:
Penelope Nichols (AKA Penny nickels) and Crystal Shores.

Jeff I'll have you know I got up at the crack of dawn this morning. The sun does rise at 9 a.m. doesn't it?
These people are morons. The only one more moronic than them is the lawyer who should be disbarred for being stupid.

“I started talking with some lawyer friends..."

Well that's the first problem.

I suspect the Hamburglar is behind this somehow.

To all the morons I've known before
who traveled in and out the news
I'm glad you came along
so I could write this song
all you many morons who came along
and to their crazy lawyers
I dedicate this song
now move along, do some more crazy
so I can write another song

Bravo Jeff on The Nurse Cindy Channel.

I know she's popular (has her own fan club) but didn't realize she has her own network.

McDonald's 'cheese' slices contain dairy?

Who'da thunk it?

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