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May 18, 2018


Sharks really like jazz music, say scientists in Australia

(Thanks to sysilvola)


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What genres of Jazz do shark like:

Some poor graduate assistant is in a fetal ball after listening to a 20 minute jam session as the sharks were messing with his mind

Boney James - Butter. Shark food, Mate.

They also like beat poetry and black berets.

Mack the Knife is Shazzy!

Next week at Fish Lab we will be changing the music from jazz to nonstop Barry Manilow tunes. We are anxiously awaiting the results to see if there are any changes to the sharks behavior.

Well, sharks are served regularly at jazz clubs so I guess it follows.

Jazz is also popular with lounge lizards.

But, what style of jazz? New Orleans? Chicago? Be-bop? Fusion (I don't like fusion)? Swing? Cool? And do they have favorite artists (I like Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Billie Holiday).

If I'm going to sea, I want to know what *repels* sharks.

As long as they can't walk I'm Ok with them liking Jazz, but if they start walking, Mardi Gras is definitely off my bucket list.

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