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May 01, 2018


Angry man shoots at his own smoke detector

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He could be put to good use in parking lots all across just about everywhere.


So true.
So many car alarms, so little time.

" We're still waiting to find out that man's name. "


That man's name was Moe Greene and the city he invented is called Las Vegas.

The fire department is on alert to stay off his lawn.

Things like this happen often where I come from.

I took batteries out of my Carbon Monoxide detector, because all that constant beeping was making me dizzy, sleepy and giving me headache.

Then the smoke detector detected the smoking gun — setting off Round 2.

When I cook and the smoke alarm goes off, my family knows that dinner is almost ready.

Yet another reason to own a gun. I ripped mine out of the ceiling and it STILL beeped, even after I took out the battery. So I took it outside and stomped it. With a rock. At 3 a.m. I'm sure that wherever it is, it's still beeping.

I know what you mean. I had an alarm that went off one night and kept beeping with it's batteries ripped out. I tossed it out the back door and since we lived on a ranch, put a load of buckshot in it. It kept it's insane beeping. I put the demented alarm in the bucket of a loader and buried it in a deep pit.
Yet on a still desert night, for many years afterward, I swear I could hear a distant tell-tale beeping from that long buried alarm.

I once replaced a faucet at a nonprofit organization where I volunteer when the security alarm went off. It turned out I had jostled a freeze alarm under the kitchen sink. Why did they put it there of all places,, and why did it go off when I didn't freeze it? Unfortunately, I was unarmed at the time.

Things like this point out the wisdom of the founders in including the second amendment to the constitution.

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