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May 18, 2018


“The vehicle was stopped and inspected and observed to have no windscreen fitted, no interior and no driver’s seat fitted,” police said.

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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It must get GREAT mileage. Or kilometerage

Often listed as a luxury three bedroom in CA.

"It's a conversion in process, officer."
"What are you converting it to?"
"A scooter."

On his way to the royal weddin?

NH law allows an "agricultural vehicle" to be operated on the road without a windshield if it was not equipped with one originally. Seat belts (but not seats) are required only if they were original equipment as well. This is intended for tractors, etc., but my old 1986 F-250 driveway plow truck had ag plates for 10 years until it died a few years ago; the registration and insurance were cheap. It couldn't pass the regular inspection. You still need brakes, a muffler, a mirror, and reflectors, but not much else, as long as you don't drive more than 10 miles from your farm, which can be a wood lot. And you don't need any plates for an "implement of husbandry" on the road. Just herd some sheep ahead of your tank retriever.

That IS the stripped down version--absolutely no expensive extras.

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