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May 24, 2018


Authorities in Florida shared video of two thieves accused of stealing 3,396 quarters in a late night car wash burglary.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Just as long as they weren't trying to "ride the rocket"....Do rockets accept quarters?

Oh, and stealing is wrong!

"Pac-Man, here I come!"

Around here, that might get you about 45 minutes of washing time.

When they get out of jail these two can apply for work at the same car wash; they already have experience.

They gave them no quarter.

Anyone paying for a case of Jack Daniels with quarters might be suspects.

Need belt AND suspenders for the get away.

On the upside, they are totally prepared for the next parking meter.

I would go to an arcade and play pinball with all those quarters.

~The change, it had to come...~

Le Petomane - That actually happened in Chicago a few years ago. A clerk got suspicious of someone who tried to pay his utility bill with $375 worth of quarters.

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