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May 15, 2018


A 47-year-old Adrian woman lost her job after police determined she put laxatives in a departing co-worker's going-away brownies.

(Thanks to Alan Dean)


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"Going-away brownie"


♫ Who threw the laxatives in
Mrs. Murphy's brownies? ♫

That's a pretty effective way to remove "tension" in one body area...

Oh come on, haven't we all wanted to to that at one time or another?

Hey, they did work for Engineered Solutions, right? This was hers.

In spite of some peoples feelings, Engineered Solutions is not a crappy company.

In "loo" of firing, why not do option #2?

"We all really hate to see you go...."

The "Forensic Test" the police were going to employ was Larry in Accounting, who drew the short straw, and had accumulated sufficient sick time to run the "test".

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