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May 16, 2018


Shorewood Burger King was closed, so man stripped naked in street, police said

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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Rather than his preferred choice of stripping naked inside?

What happened to


Burger King is known as the home of the whopper.
Was he trying to show he belonged? I guess there's a reason they didn't let him in

I once worked with a guy called 'Big Mac' who was always bragging about his Whopper. However, when talking to his ex. it was revealed that Big Macs' Whopper was in reality only a Quarter pounder.

If he really wanted a burger that badly, it seems like it would have been easier for him to go across the street to McDonald's.

Looks like he got a nice kiss on the forehead for his efforts.

This is "Rules for Radicals" 101.

Stripping naked at even a little stress seems to be a new norm. The bigger question is why is it always someone you really don't want to see naked?

I agree with ubetcha. It looks like someone tried to imprint his face in the concrete. Someone should tell him that the Waffle House stays open all night.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." - Dean Wormer

He should have gone to Bareburger.

In that neighborhood, White Castle would have been an option.

Not necessarily a better option, but an option.

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