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May 12, 2018


Farmer put wife’s bra on breastfeeding cow to stop her from getting infection

This has been The News From Scotland.

(Thanks to James Flynn and Ralph)


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How does this stop the wife from getting infection?

"Angus! Is it true? Did ye use one of me bras on yer cow's teets?"
"Aye, it's true, luv."
"Dear Gawd...it couldn't possibly 'ave fit!"
"Well, I did 'ave to take it in a wee bit..."

Slim got my question.

Suuure. I totally believe that is why he played dress-up with the cow.

Okay...somebody has to say it...I'll be the one...
"This is UDDER nonsense!"

Well, at least he was smart enough not to use the mother-in-law's bra.

@fractalist - Hey, even lactating cows have standards!

The milking of human kindness.

When the cow doesn't need the bra any more, little Timmy can use it to make a double-barreled slingshot.

" I dreamed I was a Holstein in my Maidenform bra. " Rejected 1960's magazine ad copy.

I've heard that one of the bravest people in the world was the first person ever to milk a cow, perhaps just as brave as the first person to eat a crab.

Her cup runneth over.

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