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May 27, 2018


Hormel recalls more than 220,000 pounds of Spam

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck)


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Everyone responsible for this debacle should be canned.

Many people tried to notify Hormel via email but none of the messages got through - they were all marked as 'spam'

Some scientists actually TESTED Spam? Those poor people! I hope the home they are sent to will give them a room with a view.

I delete more than that every day.

So, warning: Consumption could lerad to oral injuries which could leasd to disembowelment causing disconfiguration resembling those esxperienced by William Wallace. If you have questions, Google it.

Luncheon loaf. Sounds like about 3 o'clock...one way or another.

I keep forgetting. Which is more expensive at the old Spam bar, black label, blue label or red label?

Now with extra minerals.

A planned shortage? Maybe it will be "recycled" to us in 2019. Let's think "good" thoughts!

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Oh thank you!!!

I have been searching for something like this on that internet-thingy for a looooong time!

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There is just one thing I need you to do first:
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response please hurry for mr. barely!
wait I can't!!!

Now, now Slim Chance. If you don't have time to give this guy your information I can do it for you. Remember last year when you sent me money to help get that Nigerian prince's money out of the country? btw, you should be seeing the money in your account any day now.
Thanks for saying something about the poster's English. The first time I read it I thought I was having a stroke and had suddenly lost the ability to understand English. Judi, of course, will be fired for allowing his post.

I believe we all need to thank Face_Gator_ for giving us an example of the damage that can be caused from eating recalled Spam.

It can have its up points too - if you are Le Petomane.

Lovely SPAM. Wonderful SPAM.

Now I'm hungry.

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