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May 12, 2018


New law: Kansas cops can't have sex during traffic stops

(Thanks to funny man, Roberto, Michael Huber and Al Barkafski)


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"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Just to clarify, it does say, "... with suspects..."
Anyone else in the vicinity is still fair game, correct?

NYC has just passed a similar law.

"Anything to say befoire I sentence you?"

"I didn't realize throwing the book at her was inclusive under that new law your honor."

Doesn't prevent cops from having sex with each other during traffic stops...

When they're throwing the book at the suspect, it definitely can't include "50 Shades" in the title.

Seems like it would be more dangerous to do it without stopping the car.

No wonder traffic law enforcement has gone to hell.

What about hardcore flirting ?

That should be an episode of "Reno 911"

🎶 Car 54 Where Are You? 🎶

Gotta love law enforcement?

But sex behind the donut shop is still OK, right?

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