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May 16, 2018


If you can stand, that is.


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I don't mean to brag, but my brother-in-law got kicked out of IRISH FEST in Milwaukee for being drunk.

Let's all celebrate at the Wisconsin Dells water park, doncha know!

Wisconsin was quoted as saying, "I'm okay. Really. Just let me lie still here on the ground for a while. Really.. I'm fine.....really fine.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

What else are you going to do when there's a minus sign in front of all your temperature readings?

Padraig would comment, but he's out celebrating appropriately if semi-responsibly.

Thew scientists conducting this study also found no "dirty" faecal, oral or skin bacteria near Green Bay and concluded most of the inhabitants of the city to be, althouh very clean, totally worthless, drunken baboons.

With all that concentration in the northern Midwest, I think we've finally found the explanation for Saint Olaf.

"A new study reveals that alcohol may change the microbial makeup of our mouths. Tony Spitz has the details."

When did USA Today become a satire newspaper?

I do admit that Miller Stadium in Milwaukee is nicer than Chicago's major league parks.

And they can hold their alcohol well.

I think I'll drive a bit more carefully the next time I'm wandering up there.

Snork@ manual tomato!

No Florida?!?!


(*What The Florida)

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