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May 18, 2018


We have no memory of this.


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What had happened to your hair? Attacked in your sleep by Ken Burns?

I thought golf was your sport.

I'm surprised you're not the one in the blue.

Maybe you had one too many pints.

Many football players have memory loss

Yes, football went downhill once they stopped playing the Cup Final on two legs...

You sure this "Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist" thing isn't some kind of secret identity, like Batman?

That’s what happens when you commit too many headers - the memory goes.

Re: the memory loss:

1. Travel and time zones mess with the mind.

2. Your opponent (Ken) in the picture, as captioned, has "The Mange."

3. The burden of royalty causes one to use plural pronouns when discussing oneself:
"We have no memory of this."

4. The headline states that this is a

Bonus: Inappropriate use of a comma.

The "Guinness" shirt should be a giant giveaway, Dave...

One of the many advantages of beer is that sufficient consumption can eliminate painful or annoying memories.

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