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May 28, 2018


Men, Are You and Your Legs Ready for a Summer of Suit Shorts?

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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They all look like giant three-year-olds.

I'll stick to my own business casual look: bib overalls and rugby jerseys.

I have my cargo short, so when I go out I can carry all my cargo.


When I was a kid anybody dressed like this would have to learn to fight or run.

My legs haven't seen sunlight since 1970. I figured I owed the world a favor.

I think they are fabulous! If you HAVE to wear a suit why wouldn't you want shorts, if it was hot, say.

Oh, f#ck no.

Here is official notice: if anyone on the blog sees me dressed like that, you have my permission to give the suit the Uncle Rob Litter Box treatment, with me in it.

I'm guessing the men that wear these are single.

Nurse Cindy:
Back in the day, they were called a "Confirmed Bachelor."
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Little Lord Fauntleroy would have been unimpressed.

Most of the time I wear long pants in the summer. Being tragically white, the winter legs glare could blind you.

All those models need is a little Eton cap, and they'll look like British schoolboys. Perfect for Harry Potter (or Princess Meghan?) but definitely NOT the look you want at the meeting where you're trying to consummate that million-dollar deal.

BTW, the Chicago White Sox gave short-pants uniforms a go in the early 1970's; I won't post a link to photos, as looking at nine sets of hideously bony Sox knees is likely to put you off your potato salad.


“A lot of men are not secure with masculinity, but I found it fashion forward and fun, and a way to keep cool and keep my style.”


Clean up on aisle 7.

I think I'd invest in a kilt first.

Are ladies impressed by short, skinny and very hairy legs? If yes, I will buy those shorts even tonight.

Yeah Dud. At least you could order the haggis and blame your heritage.

I thought long socks and shorts were fr old people in Florida.

Was I wrong?

This only works for Angus Young.

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