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May 02, 2018


Hallmark Is Rolling Out 34 Christmas Movies In 2018

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Same script filmed 34 different ways.

The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game is a nice touch, though.

How about 'SharkNoel'?

They'd have to be zombies with hearts of gold, that haven't fallen out yet.

34 Nightmares Before Christmas.

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" was surprisingly fun, so simply add "and Zombies" to any of these films for a much better show.

nursecindy is a big fan of these, as is my wife. They will probably be going for the Full 34 Marathon.

I love "Take A Shot if the movie stars Candace Cameron Bure or Lacey Chabert."

They all do!

If you can't wait until Christmas, Hallmark will be showing Christmas movies during their Christmas in July celebration starting July 14th through the 23rd. Kellie Martin will also be starring in all of those. I'll be at Myrtle Beach so enjoy.

A script for a zombie Christmas movie would be a fun project. Anyone know a writer?

More than days in December. Oh, Wait they start in

Three overlooked Christmas movie classics given the treatment they deserve by MST3K are:
1- Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
2- Santa Claus
3- The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

Before starting your marathon, open a beer and enjoy Cheech and Chong's, "Santa Claus and his Old Lady."

After this the Christmas Hallmark movies will look good even without zombies.


Is that all?

For Christmas?!?!?

34 reasons to be unconscious in December.

NMUA, Christopher Moore's "The Stupidest Angel" would be perfect!

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