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May 30, 2018


Woman arrested for attempting to remove her boyfriend's testicles during altercation

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes, who says "Do not argue with them.")


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She was the inspiration for mnost of The Carpenters songs.

But she looks like such a nice meth addict woman!

She was having a ball!

I think aroma therapy or feng shui could get this couple back together.

I'm going to bet that she's now single, available.

I would stay off her lawn, or cardboard box, as the case may be.

Gentlemen, she's available for conjugal visits.

This story just doesn't grab me.

Nobody ask nursecindy what the "medical treatment" might have been.

That's nuts!

I would not allow this - I am very attached to my testicles.

I thought that didn't happen until after the wedding - and then it was automatic.

He should have suspected something when she told him to turn his head and cough.

To fix this you'd need some duct tape, Morphine, and Valium. The first two are for the patient. The Valium is for any male policemen or doctors involved in the situation.

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