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May 01, 2018


Sainsbury's launches new 'touch-free' chicken packets for young people 'scared of touching meat'

(Thanks to Alan Dean)


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Those crazy millennials. I just had a newlywed millennial couple as houseguests for a week. The crap they put in my fridge was mind-boggling. Everything was organic. I almost drank from one of their bottled waters by mistake and they screeched, "Don't drink that! It's full of live cultures!!"

I did not ask. It was a long week.

Using your smartphone while on the toilet is still okay.

She said the anxiety is likely fueled by education and being more aware of risks.

So true for England. Not so much for U.S.

Of course, "education" needs to be defined.

(Becaue of home-stooling, ya know?)

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