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May 30, 2018


How much fart is on your plane at any given time?

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This from the land of Isaac Newton.

So what's the excuse for trains having a similar problem?

"Our conclusion is, too darn much. However, further study is required. Our application for a continuing grant is attached."

Ok then, how much for a stagecoach?

Would you get the opposite effect in a submarine?

I fail to see the problem.

The science is settled, and I'm driving from now on.

Strike a match to find out.

"Welcome to United Airlines, where our customer service isn't the only thing that stinks!"

All of it, in my experience.

Passenger: "The engines seem very loud."

Attendant: "No, ma'am. That isn't the engines"

Oh, and reminds one of Blazing Saddles.

Better use of the grant money:how much tart is in my middle school science lab after lunch?

~fart. Damn auto correct.

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