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May 25, 2018


Crematorium shoots human ashes into sky in freak accident

(Thanks to Gary Schroeder)


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Scattering ashes over Walmart and Best Buy seems vaguely appropriate

All we are is Dust in the Wind...

Freak Crematorium Accident toured with Spooky Tooth

No Pope.

Isn't the correct response for human ash fireworks:


* snork * @ everybody...

Not with a whimper... with a bang.

* scribbles adjustment to my funeral arrangements *

Oh — and the party in question should get a substantial discount... they could call it the "More Bang For The Buck" option.

When asked about her feelings on the matter, a relative of one of the deceased commented, "I TOLD my husband to let them crematory folks know his great grandma Floretta had been holding her farts in at LEAST since the Reagan administration!"

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