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May 01, 2018


19-hour direct flight from New York City?

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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"Thank you for flying
Rigor Mortis Airlines."

Can't wait to take my family on vacation. Me, my wife and our three children. Ages 1,2,and 4. Think of the stories we will have after that trip.

Better ration your baggie of pretzels.

How many movies is that ?

If it's New York to Singapore, OK, but New York to Miami?

I'd rather walk.

I've been on that 19-hour flight! Oh, wait...it was LGA to FLL, but there was traffic.

Anything, so long as it will get me out of NYC.

Will they offer peanuts or dried squid also?

(I haven't had dried squid for over a year. Like asian "beef jerky"...love it!)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I've been informed by the captain the toilets are now broken. Our flight time is now 16 hours to arrival."
"Have a nice flight!"

Key exerts from this article.
"Typical New York air traffic delays could push the flight time to nearly 20 hours."

"The Airbus A350-900 (ultra long-range) can fly a distance of 11,160 miles or about 20 hours."

Does anyone else sense trouble brewing?

LePet, dried squid and peanuts can be fermented into a kind of sustainable fuel useful to augment diminishing jet fuel reserves, as can methane and human waste which will be shed in large quantities in the event of such an emergency.

Multiply the flight time by three for coach travelers.

How much would you pay for in-flight WiFi? Probably cost more than the ticket.

It would be just my luck to be seated next to someone with an emotional support iguana.
Also, free deep vein thrombosis' for everyone!

Allegiant Air, I presume? For them, that's on time.

The mile high club will never be the same.

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