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May 25, 2018


Gym sign saying ‘Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly’ under fire

(Thanks to Dad-O-Lot, Another Ralph and Le Petomane)


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Where is Roy Moore when we really need him?

And I'll be sober in the morning.

The Alabama Poop Train makes a stop in Ugly, Alabama.

I love the quote attributed to W.C.Fields when some woman accosted him in a restaurant:
"You, sir are drunk."
"Yes, ma'am, I am. but you are ugly. Tomorrow I shall be sober, but you will still be ugly."

Fields was just great. The original use was in his 1934 film, ‘It’s a Gift’, (towards the end, in the orange grove).

I like the sign. I would suggest one change; give it the headline “Guys!”. We are less sensitive. In fact, we are very insensitive. I know this, because I get regularly informed that this is so.

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