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May 17, 2018


Seriously, ew.


Another version here.

(Thanks to B'game, Rick Day, Nelson from Michigan, Al Barkafski, Michael Huber, David Emery and Bill Carver)


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How vulgar; she did not use this:


Perhaps she can become their spokeswoman/model.

I would guess this woman's bed is very clean.

That woman is sick.

So true Jeff. Not only is she sick but I got a little nauseous reading this story.

Restaurant workers have to take a lot of crap from customers.

In her favor, I would point out that she's not a hippo and she didn't kill any fish.

(Tim) Horton, Here's a Poo.

(shamelessly stolen from the comments at the link.)

Do you all know why Tigger hops on his tail?

So he doesn't step on Pooh.

I'm going to drive the AlCan Highway in a couple weeks. I think I'll avoid Tim Horton's.

Perhaps the employee was a fan of hers?

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