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May 18, 2018


Greetings! Not sure whether this is appropriate for the blog but thought Dave really needed to see it.

-- Janice Gelb


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Easy answer: this material is clearly inappropriate for the blog. It violates our community standards for decorum and fundamental human decency.

I agree with John, however it is totally appropriate for the upcoming royal wedding.

It could be worse. It could be Barry Manilow doing hip hop.

So the link isn’t to Manilow? I’ve been burned too often

Sooo...that's how Abba got started.

A date on the blog which will live in infamy.

This looks like a dance scene from "Revenge of the Nerds" meets "Kindergarten Cop", a Quinn-Martin production.

Geezer bus tickets to anyone who can name a Quinn-Martin television show.

P-Boy, "The FBI", right? Dibs on a window seat.

This makes me want to use words like "Swell" and "So's your old man".
And rebuckle my knickerbockers below the knee.

I miss Manilow

I endured the first 15 seconds, trusting that it must have gotten better somewhere beyond that point.

Hey, aren't those the "I Want To Love You Tender" dancers?

H_S_I: Perhaps one is cloned from the other, though I heard the female lead from "Tender" committed suicide. Sad fate, and I'm sure the dancers feel guilty even today.

To quote the Swedish Chef: "Herns de Berns du Verns de Byoo!"

The trots choreographed.

At first I thought it was a colorized clip from an old Hit Parade episode, but then I noticed none of the dancers were smoking Lucky Strikes.

What the hell just happened here?

This scene was cut from "The Sound of Music" when it was discovered that the Von Trapp children had imbibed of schnapps before the scene was shot.

After at least half a beer, people watching this could bust their gut laughing. Didn't see any WOODEN SHOES, but names and faces appear to be DUTCH as in HOLLAND or NEDERLANDS.

Nevermind the DIKE comment...why would THAT save a broken dam from flooding...

Eeek ! 😳

SNORK@ wanderer2575 for so succinctly describing this thread.

@Burt Macklin - I saw what you did there :->

The hidden TV appearance of The Osmonds, circa 1980?

Get down there, fellows, get down. And do not fail to keep it funky, as do we swinging groove daddies.

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