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May 15, 2018


American Airlines Announces New Support Animal Policy: Goats Not Allowed, Trained Mini Horses Are


The list is here. (What the hell is a "Sugar glider?")

(Thanks to Chris Elzi, John Criswell and Ralph)


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So my Emotional Support Lobster is still permitted?

A Sugar Glider is a marsupial that looks like a flying squirrel. They are native to Australia, New Guinea and some Indonesian islands. Most people should not keep them as pets.

Sadly, my comfort Komodo Dragan won’t be allowed on board or in the cockpit

Not permitted if:
· Growling
· Biting or attempting to bite
· Jumping on or lunging at people
Does mean no politicians, lawyers or journalists?

Sugar Glider Video:

(Looks like a midget squirrel)


I smell a lawsuit brewing.

Ralph, while highly informative, neglected to mention that a herd of sugar gliders let loose on an airliner in flight would be more chaotic than a Samuel Jackson movie. But cuter.

Is my Emotional Support NFL Cheerleader still Ok?

The rules prohibiting animals that smell bad, growl, attempt to bite and lunge at people should also apply to the person I shared a seat with on a long flight a while back.

A relative was at an airline ticket counter when a woman at the next counter was arguing with an agent.

WOMAN: "This is my support animal. I told you I was bringing him!"

AGENT: "Ma'am, each of the four times you called, we told you we would not allow a peacock in the passenger cabin."

(FYI, peafowl are extremely loud and will peck and bite you bloody if you get anywhere near them.)

Ferrets and hedgehogs and goats —

No Fly!

Bert, your Emotional Support NFL Cheerleader should be fine as long as you don't inflate her until after you've reached your destination.

Bert Burt.

Sugar glider = Rocky the Flying Squirrel's cousin

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