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May 23, 2018


Self-driving car caught on camera running red light

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Getting more like humans all the time. All they need now is a model that can drift across lanes while reading texts on its smartphone.

.. the Israeli company said that a GoPro the cameraman had attached to the car interfered with the car's sensors.


Self-driving car will need to use the court's drive-thru kiosk to enter its plea.

When they started cutting the lithium content in the batteries with alcohol, they should have seen this coming.

No doubt it was gazing at the clouds in the sky wishing some dark hidden secret would come to light.. not that I would know any...

Will self-driving cars be ticketed when it's discovered they are using the internet (and/or cell phone) when they are driving?

Oh, the algorithms! (beware!)

666 is here. Be smart. Don’t be a sulphuric butt..

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