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May 24, 2018


Video shows road rage suspect hitting man with sledgehammer

(Thanks to Al Barkafski and John Lobert)


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With love like that, who needs enemies?

(Enemies might be better, in this case...)

My thoughts on the matter.

I would have to consider the man with the sledgehammer's name could be John Henry.

My wife is from Philly. First time I visited, I flew in, and there was an older couple on my flight, with their toddler grandchild. They were doing their best to keep the kid quiet during the flight, and they looked self-conscious about it. After we landed, I passed the man near the restroom, and in a friendly Ohio tone said,"Hey, the little guy did pretty well. First flight?" The man looks at me and says,"$&@?! off..." and keeps walking. My wife said, "Yeah, that pretty much sums up Philly."

Why is this on a humor blog?

Thor's anger management therapy is clearly not working.

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