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May 02, 2018


Missouri Woman Busted With Loaded Gun Hidden In Her Vagina

So much for the “Show Me” state.

(Thanks to Stan Ruth, Michael Parry, DaninDallas and funny man)


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Must be what the Beatles were singing about...

"Happiness is a warm gun..."

She's a topless dancer and it was a rough crowd the night before?

More bang for your buck.

That must be some highly specialized firearms training and practice to shoot from the hip like that.

I would pay to see her quick draw.

I had a woman come into the E.R. one night with a gun in the same vicinity. She had a police escort. After we found it I asked her why she wanted to kill her "money maker". Then I told her about all the vital organs that would be messed up if the gun had gone off. I even included a few organs that technically don't exist in humans. I don't think she'll do it again.

The article doesn't answer the most important question — was the safety on?

I once was doing a psych evaluation on a lady who was transferred from jail.
She calmly reached in her bra and brought out a small .25 caliber automatic pistol with two fingers.
"You had better take this," she said "I really don't know how to use it."
She was telling the truth. That pistol was loaded and cocked with a cartridge in the chamber and the safety off. I took the gun and called security to come and get it. The rest of the interview I kept thinking about changing occupations.

Where does one go to meet a woman of her caliber?

Now playing: "Mr. Bigshot", followed by "Shot to the Heart"".

She just needed a concealed carry permit.

Holsters are kind of expensive.

Eau de Poudre noire waffed as she spread her legs and said "Go ahead punk, make my day."

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