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May 31, 2018


Over a period of two weeks, a guy in England was able to train a squirrel in his backyard to complete a pretty impressive obstacle course in order to reach the delicious food at the end.

(Thanks to Scott Cramer)


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If that were Six Flags, he'd have to wait in queue for 90 minutes for the ride and another 60 minutes for the concession stand.

"... This peanut will self-destruct in five seconds..."

This is really, really old. Really old.

His neighbor is training his cat to be waiting where the squirrel comes out at the feeder.

Sounds to me like the squirrel trained the guy.

Rumor has it that those mystery explosions in PA are squirrels digging tunnels into Walmarts.

Now it could be just nuts, but Beware....

Must be fake news.

Come on, "delicious food" in ENGLAND??

I know this is a really, really risky thing to do here on the blog, but this is an actual serious comment: this video is an excerpt from a BBC program called “Daring Daylight Robbery” which was produced at least twenty years ago. This program was my first introduction to the existential threat squirrels represent to mankind.

Will everyone present today please join me in a prayer that the squirrels never learn how to operate a door knob.
Thank you

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