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May 28, 2018


This is pretty great.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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This is the new millenniums' leisure suite.

Wesley, here in geezer Acres, tried to clean his mom's cat litter box pretty much like this guy did. Only it never occurred to Wesley not to smoke while doing the cleaning. His eyebrows haven't grown back yet, but he paints them on with shoe polish and nobody notices.

Love it.

I think the missing Step 7 was supposed to be "Upload the video with a preview image that doesn't give away the big moment."

Yep — big-time spoiler alert needed.

Sign in and you get an eternity of Fresh Step e-mails.

Nurse Cindy:
Get the examination room
ready for....ahem
copy cats.

Nice mushroom cloud

Works even better if the cat is using the box as you clean it. You'll never have to clean that box again! (Use only in well-ventilated, sound-proof areas.)

I was asked to sign in to confirm my age. So, instead, I watched it here without signing in. Now I feel like I am thirteen and have the need to set off a bottle rocket in my cat's box. I have to get some gas first. And string. Where did I put the string?

Almost makes me want to get a cat. Almost. I'm betting this guy lives in that camper trailer.

Disclaimer: Uncle Rob is a "professional" Don't be a moron.

I shy away from guys who wear a flannel shirt and flip-flops at the same time.
What is he trying to say, fashionwise? 'Fashionwise' is an oxymoron with such fellows.

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