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May 01, 2018


A Lamborghini was split in half when it crashed into a concrete light pole in Tysons Thursday night.

(Thanks to Loudmouth, who says, "Lotta really rich folks around here. Many stupid as a box of rocks.")


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'the crash occurred at Gallows Road'
Seems fitting

Solomon-style divorce settlement.

For only $200,000 you expect the manufacturer to solidly weld the two halves together? That'll cost extra, buddy.

Could be a high-class remake of that early scene in The Gumball Rally.

And the crash location is right down the street from the DMV.

But the crews weren't able to fix the Lamborghini?

What is happening to our craftsmen? (Oh, it was made in Italy. For five hundred million lira, I'm sure they can make it better....?)

Loudmouth is being very unfair to encased geological samples.

Duct tape.

Finally — a Lambo that lives up to its name.

Bag o' hammers, Wire?

Crazy Glue. Just don't finger your finger....

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