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May 18, 2018


The worst royal wedding memorabilia on sale – and where to buy it

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This is what happens when your 'whole world' is an island.

I want those "Another Duke to Make You Puke" sick bags...for a friend.

I still think they'd sell a heck of a lot better if they used Charles and Camilla's faces on them.

I'm going to buy those swimsuits. Since I'm a fat, bald man I am definitely impress the ladies at my swimming pool.

I'm saving my money for the collector's edition of the wedding night sex tape.

In several thousand years, some of this stuff will be valuable.

Lie back and think of England. Doesn't everyone already do this?

I like how "sick bag" is #1 in their poll.

The Harry Doll looks more like a Weasley than a Winsor.

The cereal box (Wedding Rings) makes it look like Prince Harry is marrying Steven Tyler...

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