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May 02, 2018


These are the most popular penis pet names men in the UK are giving to their privates

(Thanks to funny man)


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Just don't call him late to er.. 'dinner'

Anyone else notice the top names in Australia include Dave/David/Little Dave? Coincidence?

Not a Walter in the bunch. Sad that Dave's blog baculum has not gained more traction abroad.

The Australian list includes Princess and you're questioning Fred?

Didn't Elvis call his "Little Elvis"?

Harry ?

When did "Big Johnson" fall out of favor?

Little Marco?

Aren't they all just "Big ______" (fill in the blank)?


Since it refers to a phallus, it should properly be named Phred.

What about the ladies? What do you call your 'little friend'?
I knew one lady who called hers "Susie". Needless to say I was totally confused by the reference.

Wan't Fred's "little friend" called "Barney"?

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