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May 01, 2018


Jenny's Weather Forecast

(Thanks to Alan Dean)

For you youngsters, here's the reference.



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Ok, but what about the bottom numbers?

Dave, same (chord changes) as Jenny 867-5309. I've been blasting the chords for a week now. I have been planning to break out the Marshall soon and summon the neighbors.

The song link is HERE.

Love it.

You know the song when it gets to the part here? I was thinking, what song?

Jenny musta moved to Northern Minnesota to get away from all the phone calls.

KWQCis our local TV station (Davenport, Iowa), and I hadn't heard about this "Jenny" forecast until reading it here. We had a long winter... I probably had the blankets pulled over my head when the weather was broadcast that day. Iowa is known for extremes. It was snowing as recently as April 15, yet today the temps were in the 80's.

Gibson guitars filed for Chapter 11 today. That song could be the reason.

if you call 919-867-5309 you will hear the song..

Just a guess but are those Erik's number and is he less popular than Jenny...?

Was referring to the bottom numbers.

Jenny, do you do "house calls"???

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