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May 01, 2018


Flying dolphin takes out standing paddleboarder

Also Australia, of course.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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At least the guy has a sense of humor and respect. Here in America, the paddleboarder would have already engaged a shark lawyer to sue the dolphin for encroachment and damages.

It wasn't an accident.
It was done on porpoise.

Someone on the Dolphins knows how to tackle !?

That was Zipper, Flipper's AUS COUSIN, who takes the waters where he lives as sacred, and protects them by killing surfers and divers.

Soon to be a Syfy movie of the week!

But was the dolphin poisonous? Inquiring minds want to know.

Looks like a clean, legal hit to me. Above the waist, below the shoulders, dolphin turned his head away so it wasn't a "spear" tackle with the head. I'd say, blow the whistle, that play is dead. Reset the ball (or wave) and line for the next play.

Surfin' Dolphin Safari, was a Beach Boys song that never really caught on.

^5 Clankie

Flying Dolphin WBAGNFARB...

Any dolphin tackle is legal as long as it doesn't hit him in the wedding tackle.

It was a dumb teenaged dolphin who did it on a dare to make his dolphin friends laugh.

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